HTML Parser - Need Extension

First of all, its name is HtmlUtils.
And second, how do I know what is not working?
Extension works fine so you should instead say that you could not configure how to correctly use it.

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Sorry for name

You only need to provide class name there.

parse block not working…

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Print the response content on a label and show the result.
Also post an apk.

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newfile.aia (219.5 KB)
newfile.apk (5.3 MB)

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Web1.Got Text is never getting invoked.
Not even in App Inventor.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Please post about how it will work

Issue is obviously not with HtmlUtils extension.
If it will never get a string to parse then how can we expect it to work.

So, can you share with us the correct use of this extension?

Better ask Kodular.

anyway. Your extension is not working. please accept this

Leave that, I don’t want to stretch it longer.
The problem I can think of (and discovered too) is that you can’t call Web.Get on Screen Initialize.

I just tried with one of my projects and it still works.

@Peter but this APK is not working? Label text never changes.

I see. Maybe it depends on the server. I tested with this aia.

trumpquotes.aia (352.5 KB)


it’s invisible. look aia

So you ended up solving your own problem.That’s good thing.

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i think the problem is in the ParseSuccess works fine if i don’t use it .

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