HTML script over webview

Greetings. I have a small idea regarding adding New Year decorations to the application.

I tried to add javascript, but it did not work. Found a full-fledged script (it seems to be not Java, it start on “style”) works on the site. Is it possible to add it to the application in the lower menu?

No. Javascript will not work in your app. You can use html instead of javascript.

I think i have not js script, maybe HTML. It start with “style” tag.

Then it may work. Use webview component and drag load html block and put your code inside it.

It seems to work. But in this case, when clicked, a blank white page opens with falling snow. But I would like this snow to go to the webview when clicked.

You can enable webview external browser property which allows you, when user clicks on webview then the link will be open in external browser.

Starting with this means you have css file which is in simple its decoration file of html
You need file starting with

This script has no css.

In which component you want to add this.
Script can be run only in webviewer