I always get this message: Firebase config file error

Can you provide us with your package name from designer and from google-services.json file as well

Btw, why the need to restart your PC


Unsure what could be the issue but can you check if you have space in your package name



This my AIA file, could you check it for me, please?

How big is your app?

Go in the “blocks” page and right click. The menu will list several options, one of which will be “Delete nnnn Blocks”. What is the value of “nnnn”?

Also, how many components (arrangements, buttons, labels, pickers; in other words any widgets listed in the Palette in the Designer page) do you have?

The point is that this is the kind of error message we see when there are just too many components and blocks for the compiler to handle (and just to drive the point further, because that is a sore point with me, something that we see over at Thunkable as their API 28 compiler is bugged, unable to handle anything that is over 1/3 what the limit was with the previous API 26 compiler, and that they haven’t fixed the compiler since the issue was reported 3 months ago, and are apparently not doing any effort, and is the reason I more or less have given up on them and why I am not here).
Have you been able to create an apk file for that app before, or is it the first time you try it?
If it used to work before, and that you haven’t changed much in your app, it could be a lot of things, including a problem with the compiler. However, I have a hunch that you were over enthusiastic and just put way too many components in there and are saturating the compiler with too much data to process.
There are ways to cope with this, but I shall wait with your app size evaluation.

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@17107 please make the Drive file publicly accessible.
Right now, it’s request-only.


FYI, the file google-services.json can’t be renamed

So, did it work with you?

Yes after I renamed your file to google-services.json

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It is public now.

Please show me the steps.
I am so glad for your time and effort.

Just rename the file on your PC and upload it to assets and don’t forget to remove the wrong named one from assets


Thanks so much, but it still gives me error during exporting, I think it is a server’s error.

Can you send me the APK to try, please?

Please send us the updated AIA

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Here you go:
APK: MEDICA.apk (6.6 MB)
AIA: MEDICA.aia (6.0 KB)

Problem was with your google-services.json file.
Name was incorrect. See: image


I pointed out the same from his first aia file


Thanks so much for your help.

Mark solution to close topic

The same error should not have been in his second aia file if he fixed the error in the first place

FYI, There was a reason why I didn’t supplied him with the corrected file name