I am doing a simple alarm that sets off at a given date and time

It doesn’t work. What do you think is the problem? Kindky help us. It is for a capstone project we are developing.

you cant compare date with ‘’ = ‘’. you need to convert it in millis for comparing with = or use extension for time by @krish.jha

and for date use extension by @vknow360

This is so useful!!! Thank you so so much! Me and my groupmates are very grateful!

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welcome any time , we are here for help

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May I ask if date and time are string types? or integers?

any type you have options for them in extensions, check them and if there any problem occurs then ask here

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Im going to try this blocks. Tell me if there is something wrong

patterns are different, in first you are saving MMM d,yyyy and while copmaring you are using dd/mm/yyyy, use same for both

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Ok im going to try it now. :slight_smile:

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Unparseable date; ‘’’ (at offset 0)

That’s what it gave me after i installed and launched it

I get it now. I used = instead of “and” in the condition hahahaha


lol, try and play and use companion for test, instead of creating apk every time to test

Btw i think it is wrong
Because when both will return false
Then also it will execute because Both will be equal
Use and condition