I am facing an issue Google Ad Manager

My Kodular Developer account is created using my personal email and 3 apps are monetized. I have used my husband’s Admob account to monetize all apps.

My question is, now which email should I use to register to Google ad manager and then to the Kodular Child account? ( My email or husband’s email ?)

Please help I am still using old ad components for this problem .

First decide whether you have a wife or a husband.

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Sorry , I am the wife :slight_smile:

In that case you should ideally use your husband’s account if he has never been in trouble with AdMob before.

He will sign up for Ad manager from his email, and that is OK.
then in kodular what should I use ?
My monetized apps are here with my email.

Wait, I’m confused now.

Did you use your own email address to create a Kodular Developer account, create apps, and apply for monetisation approval from Kodular


You used your husband’s account to apply for or use AdMob?

Yes. Since his account was pre-approved and the ads were running so I used his.
Still the apps are working fine. just worried about mediation

Answer is: Your Personal e-mail!

Becz: You have Already linked your all apps and sign-up in Kodular your personal e-mail! Kodular says both are same e-mail to use kodular Monetization systems only!

ex: Kodular,Admanager and Admob

If you don’t use Kodular AdManager Monetization system, then Don’t warry you can use your husband’s e-mail for Different ad network !