I am having problem in compiling the project, stuck at compiling source files

Most probably you have a project within your project

I didn’t understand ?

Download aia, use 7zip or WinRar to open archive. You will see 3 folders assets,src and youngandroiproject. Then check assets, if again in that folder you have 3 folders assets,src and youngandroiproject delete them. After that upload aia to creator and try to compile again


Otherwise post your aia here to check it

hisab.aia (104.0 KB)

please see it

Try this :point_down:

hisab.aia (52.0 KB)

hisab.aia (52.0 KB)

Ok I will try this

Project within a project


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Thanks a lot this worked but can you tell me how do I upgrade its api as I have to publish it it is saying api level is 29 it needs api level 30

You have to be patient and wait Kodular’s next version targeting API 30

Means I can’t publish my app until api 30 comes

If it is a new app yes, for updating an old one no problem till end of October

How do I update it this project is 3 to 4 months old

On Google Play ?

I have to release a App on google play

Again to crarify it, if app already on Google play you can update it till end of October with no problem if not then you have to wait