I am not able to find backpack and delete blocks options

If it work, then mark as solved.

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Still I am not getting it!
Look the video:

Try to right click on the workspace(a empty space on your blocks) and search for a buttom to view the bag.
Like This

unusual i dont get like that try closing,opening tab,sign out sign in,clearing cookies

Still not working.
I may need to contact the support :pensive:

What browser are you using?

I am using Google Chrome

Strange, test in other browser and see if has the same problem

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i call @Community to help here

Wait let me install Safari once and let me see if its working

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internet explorer will be inbuilt try it

not working in ie, I mean Internet Explorer


then go on with

Yes that could be the only way to reveal them!

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I have tested with Google Chrome,Firefox and edge, both Firefox and Edge work very well

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if nothing works try it

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I tried them! I am not joking

try a new account until the @Community fix it

It worked on Edge SUCCESSFULLY!

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Great, please mark a post that help you with as solution.