I am trying to save data in spreadsheet but it is not saving

I am trying to save data in spreadsheet but it is not saving. What should I do?

We are trying help you out. But we can’t, as there is no information like your, blocks, possible error/problem you are facing, etc. What should we do?

image I am trying to get the data but nothing is coming. What should I do?

how do you save the data in the spreadsheet?
your screenshot was about getting a column from the spreadsheet…

you probably like to read this


I am trying to get only selected rows but not able to do. Is there any way?

I have tried this way also, but no improvement

your question was this

now you are asking this?

are you sure, there are any rows in your spreadsheet?
what about displaying the result in a label to find out, what is going on before using a for each in list block?
also you might want to upload your screenshots correctly… these are hardly to read…

I am trying to get a row by filtering a selected value from column.

Are you getting any error? What is displayed in Notifier alert message?

I am not getting error.
All the values are coming as output, but I required only that particular value.

Look at Spreadsheet. Get Cell method. get row ids is a list. You cannot assign list as a parameter where only a single value is required (row number)

Is there anyway to display single value in list.

Or is there any option to change the table name dynamically on runtime.

Are you trying to implement any kind search function? If yes then can you PM me the aia along with the snapshot of the column ‘Name’. If its not much complex and if I find anything, I will update you here.

How can I share the aia in common chat. Give me your mail ID or tell me any other way, then I will share the aia.

I asked you to PM me the aia not to share here. There is a Message button , if you visit any users profile. But since you have joined recently, that button may not be available for you temporarily. Sorry I can’t share my email ID for some reasons.

Ok. Let’s try to solve here itself
Try to replace you Spreadsheet.Get Cell method block with this :point_down: and see what happens

blocks (26)

Note: For your side instead of get global item and global row_ids it would be get item and get row ids

This is not working, nothing is displayed. Is there any other way.

Is there any way to create table on runtime?

Can you show the edited Spreadsheet.Got cell method block?Also what do you mean by this?:point_down:

Sorry its seems to be my mistake. Assuming that you have edited the blocks as per my previous reply, replace the get row ids with get values blocks and see what happens. Something like :point_down:
blocks (27)

Instead of global item and global values it would be get item and get values on your side