I am unable to view my bookmarks

I have bookmarked a number of topics so I can refer back to them when I need to. I now need to refer to one but am getting the following message:

Is anyone else facing this issue?

it is working fine for me

i tried to acces your profile now and it is not public. It is a bug, no doubt, but if you turn it public for a while I believe you will be able to check your bookmarks.

I suggest his because it is very unlikely that kodular will solve this bug…

Thanks for the tip but I turned it public and it still says the same. Maybe it needs some time to catch up. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Your profile already opened for me. Try to logout and login again, may be it helps.

I logged out, deleted my history and cache, and restarted my iPad. However, it’s still not letting me view them.

In future I will just save important topics in my browser’s bookmarks.