I appreciate Kodular team and we should be patient but till when?

Hello great respect Kodular team, personally I appreciate this platform and I have no where to go even after unfortunately this platform shouts down! though I don’t think if it will happen since thousands of people trust this platform.

But to be honest since I have some apps in play store and they have some bugs which my thousands users complain of and they should be fixed immediately I feel like being disappointed by this response which have not fulfilled.
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The word soon was unspecified date until one of Kodular team specified the date
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Please I am very patient but my app users are not patient as I am and I don’t think they should, what do you think I should do?

You should be patient. And you shouldn’t update your apps on Google Play right after the release of a new version of Kodular. You should always wait to see if there are any bugs. You are the one who puts apps on google play so you are responsible for user experience.


I real understand please can this be specified which Thursday

This September we have remain with only three Thursday of 10th 17th and 24th

Please which one of Thursday should this issue be solved?

The update was on last Thursday.

This was about the package name. They don’t say nothing about the other bugs

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Before releasing your app as a production track, you should always release an Internal Test-Track and use / check the Google Play Pre-Launch Report.


You have not reported the error you are actually facing, and in addition, you have requested me to send you a PM, but I didn’t get any response from your side.


I think you didn’t read well and and understand my post that is why you have answered this. take a not I have an app on play store and it has more than 5k users do you want me to give it a test? :tongue: :rofl:

The error I get is not strange from the other everyone gets

You haven’t PM me and from you side no one can PM you, however my request for you to PM me was flagged as a sexual and seducing request and it was banned by one of kodular team.

Nevertheless I sent you an e-mail using your e-mail address but you didn’t respond though!

I have seen now that only moderators are there, and somehow you weren’t added :thinking:

EDIT: I may have miss-clicked and hit the “Something else” button rather than the “Contact in private”, sorry

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So do I…


For a new release? Always. :slight_smile:

Point is, you’re talking to very reputed people on the Community… They know what they are talking about. Be a bit more polite, and try to explain your problems better. If you are unable to release a build due to Kodular being down or something of that sort, it is your duty to prevent that situation. Do not defer important releases to a new release of Kodular, and try to prepare your APKs before time. :smiley: