I Can see my main menu through app

No joke
I am able to see my main menu when i launched my app and watched it carefully i saw my main menu apps.
This is totally new to me do anyone know what is this it can help us in making more apps like
Screen lock and many more
This feature is awesome if added by kodular

I have more if you want proof but you can see google in its baground watch it clearly guys

Well show it please. I still don’t understand what you see.

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@anuragtekam0 is talking about this :point_down:


Do you know about this @Peter
I don’t seen it metioned it anywhere on the kodular

which app is that? Kodular companion??

Never saw it.

Maybe share the APK with us so that we can check if it happens to us too or not.

i think its Kodular background color opacity is lesser by Kodular system

Hi there!
It’s actually got nothing to do with Kodular or Android.

If that’s an OLED screen, then it probably is screen burn-in
If it’s LCD, it’s a similar type of temporary image retention on the display.

Nothing to worry about, though
Hope this helps!


thanks for help i can’t know it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Wow never listened about this.
I guess there is a lot more to learn out there