I cannot bring "native" updates to the application that I made and published via Kodular

I had published my webview application on kodular before in google play store. (with the package name “com.tdizayn.pratikbakkal”)
Then, I wanted to send my application that I developed as an update to this application that I published on android studio. But I got an error. How can I solve this problem?

Can’t we send our own application as an update to our application that we publish over Kodular?

“Your app bundle is signed with the wrong key.”

Of course you can, just export your keystore from Kodular and use it in Android Studio, I think.


I couldn’t understand exactly how to do it. My application is a flutter application. and I don’t know how to use the “android.keystore” I downloaded.

Can you help?

You can download the keystore from Creator -> Open any project -> Settings -> Find the keystore download button

I figured out how to download it. I downloaded a file called “android.keystore”. But I don’t know how to add it to the app. I made an application with Android flutter. I think I need to create a new “jks” file, but I don’t know how to use it.

Try by renaming it to android.jks

Build the APK with Android Studio and follow these instructions to sign the app:

  1. rename android.keystore to android.ks
  2. build APK (Android Studio)
  3. decompile APK (APK Studio Editor)
  4. sign APK
  5. save (recompile) APK
  6. upload APK to the Play Store

It takes less than 1 min, see here (video):


So what am I going to enter this information?



I have no clue how to do stuff with Android Studio but from the video above, did you use existing keystore, if so this is the default values for kodular keystore

Thank you so much. I changed the file name to key.jks. I used the default information and it worked.


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