I cannot export apk

Please community help me. Still I can’t export my apk. Please solve this. I’ve checked the server status also…all of them are online including building and compilers. Help me please !!!

Do you get any error message?

If it shows any error pls post it here . Click view log , screenshot or copy it and paste here

No, actually I dont know where to see log but at exporting it stucked at 95. Please help pleaase…

What is your aia file size? How many screens are there? How many quantities are uploaded in the assest

Also do you see this ?


Screenshot (9)
I can only see this ! I can’t

How big is your aia

  • My aia file size is 740kb.

  • 3 screens.

  • 5 quantities ( 2 of them are unused)

It’s 740kb. Please help me. I’m facing this problem since 2 days. but yesterday the server was off but now it’s opened and then also I’ve same issue

What are those? Just post your aia.

Okay. I’m attaching here.Shopeners.aia (311.3 KB)

No issue here


Then why I can’t do this ? I can see the process upto 95%. Please help Boban :sob:

No issue here also.

No issue here also.