I cannot export it as an APK

Select the folder after 100%, I did not wait 2 hours I can not export as APK.

There is no use in just posting an image.

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Do you try closing project and open it again. ?

It helps in many cases.

I closed and opened the project, I waited a little big, I was urgently helped out, there is no apk or qr code.

@enes_besiktas_137: did you restart your browser? Sometimes it is from the browser. thats why also I changed my browser, where I code.


PS: Peter is right. edit your post and we can help you. (maybe) :grin:

Check your package name and also the name of your assets. Show your screen1 properties

can you show us your Blocks ?

Check to see if your browser blocked the apk file from downloading.

Do you have large assets?

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yes my assets are big

Limit 32mb for export

Try this;

If helpful, mark as solution.

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how to throw files like jpg later

Why not load the images from a server instead assets. Of course, this won’t work if your app can be offline.

jpg and mp3

what am i supposed to do with that information? :sweat_smile:

android.keystore I do not understand how to do this :frowning:

Your questions got answered don’t go offtopic with another question. First search and if you can not find it then ask. But most of the time everything has been asked before so do a good search.


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