I cannot export my apk, exported aia files are not opening, exported ais screens are not opening, what is happening?

i dont know what is happening but i am not able to export the apk, neither the bar code is generating not apk is downloading, the exported ais or aia files of the same app are not opening.what is wrong.

What error are you facing?

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nothing at all when i choose to generate bar code to download the app, it shows that the apk is baking and once it is 100% baked, nothing happens…

What browser are you using? Are permissions granted? The download prompt might take some time to show up, but that depends solely on your local machine.

i am using chrome, all the permissions are granted, everything was working fine, my apk was baking perfectly and even now if i am using another gmaiil id to login everything works fine but the main gmail id through which i make the apps, the problem is occurs only when i uses that id

Try exporting a new blank project. Exporting works in my case.

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it is working but, that particular gmail id which i uses to login in the problem is somehow connected with that id

You should wait for a response from the Kodular developers. :slight_smile:

Aix screen is have a error please remove the screen and then export your apk

what is aix screen, if that refers to just normal screens then currently my app have 6 screen, what kind of error is this, how do i find, which screen have this error.

He means do not export as .AIS file.

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Oh I solve the problem by deleting some Asset like image and sound. TQ hope it will works for you too