I cannot get data from airtable

after enetning the needed data of air table API, base id, sheet name, view name and ensuring that kodular export data to air table when i import data it doesn’t work.

When screen initialize set global index to 1

still not working

Note that if you have empty rows or cells in airtable you won’t be able to get data

no blanks or empty rows

Post a screenshot of your airtable

Set ListView Elements to get global x instead of elements from string

i try it previously and not working also and list not appear

Use Do it to debug your blocks and see if global x is an empty list or not. Otherwise if you wish post your aia here

See global index 1 :joy::joy::joy: he placed with no logic.

Try like this, and share us what you are getting

not working it also not working in google sheets

you can add a helpful reply if you can :wink: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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send me your test aia

What global x returns ?

returns () on list view

So you don’t get any data. Again check api key, base ID, table’s name I see it is test and View Name is Grid view


supported and i test them inn exporting data but it does not import data

Try this for testing purposes, do you get all rows ? If not try to create a new table