I cant Authenticate my Account using 2 factor authenticatio

Please help me I can’t authenticate my account using 2 factor Authentication. Also having trouble accessing my account panel. Need help please.

Do you use Google login for Kodular…

No I use yahoo mail

Where did you add 2 Factor Auth…In Kodular Settings

In where they provide QR code

Show me some screenshots

Scan it with Google Authenticator or something similar apps

Open the page on your friend’s or family member’s phone and scan it with Google Authenticator and you will get code on the app. Use the code to login in Kodular.

this what I saw regarding my project. I want to send an admob ads approval request on my app. But this is what it is showing, I can’t even view my created project…

Delete the picture with QR Code… Anyone can access it and add your 2 Factor Auth in their device. Like i added. Don’t worry…I removed.

This is how I added…

I recommend to use Google Authenticator

But, I can have your code

Thanks a lot. What about the project issue, that I asked you for help earlier?

That is a server side error…I cannot even access my.kodular.io
It keeps loading forever.

So how can I request my admob ads approval on my created App please? Help me please. :cold_sweat:

Even if it is on phone?

this is what it is showing when ever I click on my project. Please help I want to send admob ads approval request for my created App.