I can't download my project πŸ˜”

I can’t save my project aia file and can’t download my project

Welcome to the community. You can not download aia or you can not compile apk and download it ? Do you get any errors? Please provide more info and since this is your first topic please have a look at


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I can’t save my project if i try to save only see downloading but not download

When you save project it doesn’t downoad, use export aia

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If you use the option export AIA to my computer , automatically project will be saved and AIA will be downloaded…

BTW what is the size of your project? How many screens? How many blocks are you using ?

I use 4 screen
Many block Because i made Jewelry app

What happens when you try to export aia to computer ? Also have you uploaded many pictures in assets and if yes how big are they ?

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When i try to export but nothing happens

I can’t export again

You try to export as apk ?


Or Export selected project(aia) to computer ?

How many images have you uploaded to assets ? How big are they ?

Yes i upload many pictures in asset because of this jewellery app

Delete some and see whether you can download, see

Is it that difficult to answer this question precisely: