I can't export my app, "The compiler error output was"

Hey. You are ä member since one year. So I’m sure you already know how to ask a question.

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1st. Change Package Name To com.companyname.appname
2nd. make your application all assets follow this rule… refresh_icon.png

Server issue

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Hello @salem_m_s2021,
I am also facing the same problem about 1 hr ago.
I have try to download my app with QR Code link and it solved, my app is download easily.
Try to download from QR Code or try later.

I just found this old thread from you.

Same issue. same answer!

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Refresh the page and try again


When I am going to build my app then it shows build failed, while in the companion it works smoother. There is also zero errors and warnings, then also this build failed occurs.

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try with qrcode option

this is happening because of server issue i am facing also same error but trying again helps and after 3 or 4 times failed, i get apk.


in night facing more error

i think its an error from 2 days