I can't generate apk

Can anyone tell me if there was any change for APK generation? I went to try to do it and they are asking to upgrade the paid version and when I click on Maybe later it doesn’t generate. Am I required to do this paid update to generate apk? Is this only on Kodular or are the other Thunkable and App Inventor platforms also like this?


You can use only 5 extensions in one project…
I think you r using more than 5

It wasn’t like that before… when did this change take place?

In July 2022, see also


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I’m only using two extensions: SpinnerUtil and TaifunMail and still it is asking me to upgrade

How many projects you have in your account? Your asset must be less than 5MB… make sure your asset size

Guys, I only have a project with 2.34 Mb, two extensions and only. I no longer have any linked projects in my account. My project is for learning purposes and not for commercial purposes. I want to generate the apk because unfortunately firebase storage only saves images in apk mode, not on companion. Please help me, I like the platform.

Upload your aia in https://unchive.kodular.io/ and share us the summary pls.

No more than 5 extensions…
No more than 5MB asstes…
but still unable to generate apk… New to me… any how let we see… else share the duplicate aia here or in pm


Sounds crazy man… i have no idea … Are you sure it throws only such subscription error upon compiling into apk? Do you have more than 10 projects in creator? But that is not a problem.

Amazingly, I only have this one.

As test reduce the assets to find out, if it then builds successfully…

If yes, then probably you can optimize the images there? See also tip 2 here