I can't make a list of registered users for my chat

the app has a registration screen before
and they are saved in firebase (the tag of each entry corresponds to the phone number)

so I wanted all users to appear in this listview
and when clicked would open a screen chat for the clicked contact
however my listview is not working, when initializing the taglist function does not work

what do i do :confused:

Possible Causes,
1: Check database if having any list there?
2: check if database proprties are set properly( with bucket name ans all is set)
3: try to show list without for each item so you can see any data comming from firebase,

How much would you charge to help me finish a project?

email me along with your whatsapp contact :slight_smile:

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I put a notifier to run along with this function but it didn’t show up

so apparently it must be as I set it must be wrong

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send me your aia, i will look on it, send me in pm

test.aia (196.0 KB)

remembering that the first screen is the registration screen
and the second screen is the registered user list and chat

this is part of another app which was what I wanted to help me finish :slight_smile:

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you can response me ? :confused:

I’m praying that one day, your database isn’t somehow breached :zipper_mouth_face:

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sorry i was busy , i will check it today and reply you soon

can you show me you firebase? you are setting firebase different on both screen.

here it is, user is showing in list now, check it, and also you was setting different firebase for every page, check how i have set firebase and continue your work with that, i have worked till list view with images

test_fix.aia (197.5 KB)

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