I Can't Save My Project

part of the times when i Make Changes in My Project And Save It’s Not Saving
Alot Of Work Has Gone To The Been
And I Don’t Remember What Need To Been ReDone
Help please

It’s After SomeTime Saying That The Serevr Has Problems And Some Of The Files Has Not Been Saved

Shalom Eyal!
Sometimes happens that if you’re working on your project for a while, as Kodular is a web app, it may time out so you are very likely to lose the work you’ve done since your last save. So if your will be working for a while, save your project now and then and that will reduce the chances of losing any work done.
Have a good day!


Moreover you must have a stable network

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Thanks for the support
I Do Actually All The Time Save But It’s Is Not enough
And i Do Have Spots With Low Internet

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