I Can't Sell Products on Google Play

Hello there
Could you please explain to me what I would like to sell a paid subscription on google play but I am getting the error message.

When I click it, I get the error in the photo below and it won’t open.

you might want to translate the error message to English for us?


Here’s the error, but the enhance doesn’t.

Ok, so this is your own error message…
You talked about subscriptions, so what about checking for owned Subscriptions rather than owned Products?

Enhance works well but I don’t want to use enhance. enhanced test does not provide content on purchase.

It does not look like you followed my previous advise …

I tried what you said thanks for your help, but it never happened again.
I read that it was closed down after a little research.

Subscription block not work check this

Use extension you, can find it on this thread