I can't sign in to kodular.io is anyone else have the same issue

And my internet speed is fine

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Try clearing the cache of ur browser as it is working fine with me

Works fine for me

dora_paz thank you


Yes same with me I can’t sign in to kodular with my pc, even I cleared all chahe

Thank you
means I’m not alone

Is it the issue with india ?

But I’m not in India on in South africa

I can access my account from mobile phone but not from pc even after cleaning all chahe, temporary files and restarting the pc.

It’s Kodular Server issue, I think so

Yes where do we report?

I will inform the devs to check it


Me too! I’m from south america

Thanks @dora_paz

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Maybe its the issue with asia server and SA Server. I think @dora_paz have informed the Devs

Did you manage to inform the developer?

The same today yesterday logged in in the pc that was having kodular. Io opened already today I’m trying all the options but unsuccessful even on my github account

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in Brazil same bug

24 hours without service. I do not understand why I can enter with my phone but not with my PC

I believe it’s a general problem I’ve tried using both wifi and phone data connection on my PC. But I can log in with my phone

Where is the problem ?
Here ?