I can't use Admob Reward Component

Facing Problem When Drag Admob Component

Normally my app is working fine after development finished. But the big problem is here, when I drag admob component to implement ad on my app. If I deleted the admob component from Screen then it’s run normally fine. But when I again try to put ads on my app using kodular admob component, it’s again error. And If I put admob component on Screen2, then I can’t open screen2 after export my app. But it’s working on companion. Minimum SDK 6.01, but I can’t put admob ads in my app. Some months ago I was build a app, and that’s worked fine with admob component. But now why it’s not working for me?

I hope kodular will fix my problem.

Remove the url link of your project and add screenshot on error you are facing.

I can’t open that page where I put admob component. If I not use admob ad, but just put by drag, I can’t open app too.

It says, Pro Coder Stopped!

My app name is Pro Coder.

I have build a new app, and here the Admob component working fine. So why not working on my Pro Coder app? Please kodular review my app!

Show the relevant blocks.

There are no problem with the block, If I build a new one, there are no problem but in this app I can’t run admob ads. If test mode too.

What about that ?

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If any problem have on the block, so why it’s working on my other app?

Dear, I know how to put ads by admob component, I think the reason is that, I have used 20 external extension. But I’m not used any external monetization component.

Again, as @WatermelonIce suggested, post relevant blocks.

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I just drag and drop the admob reward component

If I removed it, my app work fine, when I want to use admob ads, then I face this problem.
Pro Coder Stopped!

If I use admob component on block, I faced this problem too, and not used then faced same problem.

I have import some external extension, see the screenshot.

So why I face this problem?

It looks like you’re not interested to post blocks. You may want to post a sample AIA instead.

Thanks for quick response, try to understand, I am not use admob component in block section, I only just drag and drop the component, and after this I have export my app, and getting app stopped problem

And what happens when you remove ads component?

By the way, I can’t recognize Hack Protect extension. You can try removing that extension too.

With admob component, working only on Companion. If I export then face problem. When I remove admob component, then my app works fine with and without Companion.

I remove the Hack Protect Aix, but no hopefull result comes up