I could use some advice

So I added a bottom sheet to display some external news data. I’m trying not to create a separate screen but show it as a bottom sheet.

My question is how to display it. I thought about using an html from google cloud. Any ideas

Maybe use Firebase or build a website and embed the website into a webviewer. The site will update on the app as well. You can try a simple website builder like Google Sites or Wix.

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I was trying out some things and I like your Google sites idea. It would be easy to manage by untrained staff too.

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Google sites is a free method. All you need is a Google Account. You can check out my website made with Google Sites. → John the Lego’s Website

So I ditched the bottom viewer to display the external data. There will be times when user will need to scroll down & up in the list. This becomes problematic when the sheet will close in a down pull.

So I decided to use a notification alert. It works quiet well. I’m reusing the same webviewer, but switching the data in blocks between different types of data. It has some lag in showing updated data but It works.
Left button shows a public read-only google sheets file. It’s normal to show a lot of data for that source.
The right button shows a Google sites page for simple news alerts. It will be used to show simple news alerts.

Thanks for the info.

I was thinking about the Google sheets data. Could I use data list viewer to display the data in the notification screen? I was thinking it would look a lot more professional then just displaying a Google sheet.

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