I deleted my project accidentally!

Dear Koders,

I accidentally deleted my app, as Diego had said

But unfortunately Deigo is offline and not able to receive messages, so is here anyone from @Kodular who can help me to recover my app.

My app is on play store with 5k downloads so it’s very important to recover.

Diego has deactivated private messages, so you can contact him by email or through Kodular Group on Telegram

How do projects get deleted accidentally when you have to type the app name in the text field to delete it?


Let us check into this and will get back

You are right, actually i opened Creator after 8 months and i don’t know anything about adding text to delete i just entered app name and unfortunately app got deleted :sweat:

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I did but no reply.

Unfortunately you have lost your project if you did not make a backup. But at least you can create another similar project and replace it with your version published in PlayStore, since they keep the same Keystore for your entire account. (also make a security copy from the Keystore)

Luckily i found my keystore​:smiley: but not project :pensive: BTW i got reply from Deigo, asked for project id but unfortunately i don’t have​:frowning:

Can you can get the history of the app in your browser history?(Its will be hard if you opened several projects because in history it shows as creator.kodular.io for all projects,and you have to open and see all) If you get, try to open that and if you are lucky you can find project id in the url.

First of all tell me how it got accidentally deleted coz you need to type the name of the app before deleting it.
Kindly contact Kodular Staff regarding this matter.
I’m really sorry if you are not able to recover it, I would highly reccomend to backup all the current and future files so that you won’t get into hot water next time.

Happy Koding!

Unusual Coder

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How that was accidentally. It’s impossible. For delete a project you need to enter the project name.what are you doing when entered the project name

I’m again and again saying

I uploaded old aia, I’m working on it​:disappointed:

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Maybe actually read a prompt’s content before keying in an input? :sweat_smile:


I Would like to Send him BANK OTP Prompt… :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:
(Don’t get Serious/Abusive, Just got a joke and it happens.)
& This Joke just teach us read carefully before Click anywhere. don’t get so lazy…


He is sincerely asking for help. They do not have to humiliate or act immaturely, on all those who have a higher rank …

The ID of your project can be found at creator.kodular.com


In the “[ID]” section, there is a 16-digit numeric code.

If before you deleted it, you went to edit it at least once, you can go to the browser where you accessed it. Type “https://creator.kodular.io/#

Check the date on which I delete it and check the links that have the 16-digit code corresponding to a deleted project, it is easy because the project will not open. Send that code to Diego assuming it was the only project I deleted?

Luck. And I recommend that you be more cautious or nobody will take you seriously …


Thanks a ton mate, let me try it​:heartbeat:

Hey man, thanks a million. I got my ID​:grinning: i have now forwarded to Deigo. Hope my app will be recovered!

I have emailed @Diego but he’s not replying, as Deigo said,

I gave this solution 3 days back, i think you are lazy to read and that shows how your app got deleted.You just typed app name when it asks without reading anything.