I dont like kodular

I don’t like to create any more apps on koduler just because of I have to build first then I have to modify apps for just API level this happening since more than 6 months ago and koduler don’t want to give any update. if you agree then hit like, please don’t mark as spam its true for me and more than 50% of kodular user


Which api level you are talking about ?

Please prove this.


I think you have to understand his topic.
@Sanjay_Khatiwada can u explain it briefly which api are you talking about and what problem you face ?

Kodular already uses SDK 30 since a few months
there is nothing to modify manually



Exactly , @Sanjay_Khatiwada it will not visible in your project in api list but after you export the aab or apk file and then when you will publish it on Playstore then it will be API 30

I am Using too same from almost past 3 to 4 weeks

He trying to remove kodular or somethin

I like kodular because easy and dont need high system requirements

I have not faced this from my end

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On my suggetion I would like to ask Kodular Staff to enable *to do it