I face error In bookmark system using colinlistview tree

Hello Koders,

I need your help,

I face the error that I cannot add more than 3 elements in colinlistview when I click on the bookmark.

See when I click on 1 song bookmark then it will add it on the bookmark screen
now when I click on 2 song bookmark then also it will add it to the bookmark screen
when I click on 3 song bookmark then also it will add it on the bookmark screen but when I will click on it then my song is not added why I don’t know I am stuck in these problems.

See my blocks sections:
This is my block of the Home section screen:

And this is my block of Bookmark system screen

Please help me to solve my problems

Error of my home sections:

Error of bookmark system:

If you click do it on these two blocks, you will come to know the reason…

I see that you have taken too much painful blocks for bookmark… Why don’t you simplify it

Can you please tell me how can I simplify it with blocks??

Please help me how to solve these problem?

Instead of using collintree just use dynamic component extension. It will be so convenient to do all the works .

I will try but in dynamic components, I face so many errors so that is why I am using colinlistview extension

Share your sample aia…