I feel cheated by @Sumit1334 ,Details and Alert for everyone . Tell me what should I do now?

As you know @Sumit1334 is selling Onesignal extension for $18 , I purchased it and used it to create apps. The extension has bugs . I noticed the extension does not work with any Admob components. I purchased Admob extension from another developer.
Sumit1334’s onesignal extension not working with any . I asked Sumit to either correct the error or sell me his Admob extension. Sumit said his Admob extension in discontinued and he will charge me extra to solve the current error. I asked him to solve it. Now he is demanding money first then error solving. So my apps now useless if You use Sumit1334’s onesignal extension - You can’t monetize your app . What you guys say , what should I do ?

You can also ask Admob’s extension maker to fix it. There are multiple admob extension available in market. I don’t think he can customize it for each version.

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Then @Sumit1334 should mention that no Admob extension will work with his extension and he will not provide any solution . Ultimately its a dead solution

I can’t understand what’s the relationship between Onesignal and Admob.