I finished programming what is the next step

My app has been approved for monetization
How will the commission be withdrawn by kodular?

Kodular place there unity ads as commission.

Then enjoy

Not understand
I say when making a profit how the commission will be withdrawn by kodular?
Because they have a percentage that they will take from me from 5-30% of my total profits

They didn’t hacked your bank account they didn’t withdrawan any amount from your dashboard or from your account.
If kodular takes 5-30% commission from your app Means - In your app if ads show 100 times than kodular show their ads 5-30 ads and left 70 ads is your ads.

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But the ad code is from Admob, how are they going to take their profit without my consent?

Maybe you should search the community. This has been discussed before.

Programically they analyse how much times your ads request than they show their unity ads.

They show only their ads not to touch anything of yours

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Well, I get you
Now the ad app is working, I am trying it with one of my friends to see which profits will it appear on admob stats or not, it only shows the number of impressions and requests, for clicks it does not appear and it does not show any profits.
The application is not attached to the Google Play or store

This is the last question please I want to know

kodular will show unity ads on your app you can calculate your commision by downloading kodular commision app

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Thank you very much, my friend
Warm thanks to you

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if your doubt is cleared then mark my post as solution

I don’t know how to apply kohl, I’m new here in general, I did not wipe anything

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