I found some Bugs

Hello Makeroid team. I found some bugs when using makeroid to buiding my first app. And i’ll show them bellow:

  • Notifier Comp:
  • Cannot use background color, and don’t change to light them. It only dark them with purple background color.
  • I cannot change size of any dialog, default width of dialog is small and ugly…Custom dialog size is ugly with small width :frowning:, and if set visible to false for any components , it’ll not show in custom dialog. :frowning:
  • Extension :
  • I have using Taifun Tools extension and dialog any extension and makeroid showing error for each …

And maybe exist more… Say big thanks to makeroid team for making professional environment for our.

And why cant you change background color or light theme?
You can.

Sorry, background and light them of notifier component. I don’t see any change…

Did you test in Android O

Yes. My phone’s using android 8.1

Should work on Android 8.0, works for me basically the same things though

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So, not work on 8.1? And i try two extension…they’re not work…

Extensions don’t work right now in the companion… you get big error while on companion

Got it…thanks for response…:relaxed:

If you enable “Use Background Color” and “Ligh theme” then only the “Use Background Color” will works.

If you want only use a light or dark theme then enable ONLY the “Light theme”.

If you want use other colors as light or dark, then choose a background color and enable “Use Background Color”. Don’t enable now “Light theme”.

Hover with your computer mouse on a block to see if the wanted dialog supports the new options or not.

The default “App Inventor” blocks dont’ support the new options.

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@Mika light theme not work i try many time in android 5.1 and android 7 but it not work can you please provide blocks and screenshot