I got ripped off by Tech Developer Cheater Help me!

About 2 weeks ago I ordered a better version of 7M workout from youtube Tech Developer youtube

His Channel

He told me to pay first. Then I said that I would add the features I want to the application. I didn’t reply whats I wrote from the app. Always busy. He gave a short answer. It has nothing to do. He’s not even answering right now. He’s trying to trick me into sending me aia file that he shares for free on his channel.

Workout App free aia

Anybody know how I can get to this fraud? How can I get my money back? I told him to pay me back, but he wouldn’t even answer.

I paid


I think Kodular can block him.For that you have to talk to Kodular Staff.
But remember Kodular is not responsible for anything which you do outside of Kodular services.

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yes I know. It’s not nice for this person to cheat people using kodular. I reported his youtube channel. I lost 21 dollars but he will lose credibility.


21 dollar is a lot of money for something he ripped of from another website. He got his movies/animated gif from a commercial site. It is a hard lesson to learn this way. There are a lot of young users who want to make money real easy. He posted this video on the forum and it was removed for being copyrighted material.

He will get a bad name here on the forum too this way. No one will do business with him anymore.


I send him a pm for explanation of his actions. he is also spreading paid extensions via his aia-files.


Isn’t that theft of intellectual property? He might even be in legal trouble if the AIX is published under a GPL license.