I have 6 archived images on my

I have 6 archived images on my firebase. How do I proceed to link these images in 6 boxes of pictures? I need to sometimes change these images on the firebase server, this way the app when loaded, it will load the 6 images that are in the firebase for the 6 boxes of figures that are in the app.


You can do it like this:
Get all tags list.
Now use for each item in list or for each number from and get value for every tag in tag list.
When firebase got value than
if tag = Banner1
then set image1 picture to value.

Good morning, it would be too much to ask you to build these blocks for me to study. As you know I have almost 1 month only in Kodular learning. I put this in the app I’m getting set up and that would be very helpful to me. thankful