I like using TinyDb to keep data just once but how if the user clears caches or use another device?

Hello, koders, I want to make one of my apps be more friendly use and this is how and what I want to make my users happy.
my real question is that how can I set username and phone number to remember my user even after using another device or his phone is cached?

I want my users to remove Ads after my user clicked the button named ButtonAdRemover and I don’t want this to repeat again to the same user be he has cleared caches or used another device.

What I have done is this.

When AdMob Interstitial closed do if TinyDb = 0 then call ButtonAdRemover = true After ButtonAdRemover Clicks then store his phone number as data on TinyDb and when AdMob Adbanner loads if phone number not = TinyDb Tag then call AdMob Interstitial load Ad else set AdMob Interstitial enabled = false.

But see this is what I don’t want my user to experience again if the user clears cheches this TinyDb will get lost and the bad thing is this if the same user uses another device this TinyDb will not understand the user.

My point is that I want to make my use Phone number as the point of Contact to store data and remove interstitial Ads but I have tried this with TinyDb and it looks that it is impossible and I don’t know any other way to do improve and solve this.

Here are the example blocks

Please help me to know what should I do with this TinyDb or should I stop using TinyDb?
Your quick advance help with the example of blocks will be more appreciated.

There Is A Way To Solve This Problem

Use Any Online Database To Store And Get It So It’s Not Effect Of Device Changing Or Local Data Clearing


I only know how to use Airtable, will this work?

Yes Any online Database Will Work

please show me how to call those individual data phone number and username

I Am Not Much Familiar With Airtable But This Will Work


It’s Store Adsvisiblilty As Yes Or No So You Can Search It If It’s Yes So Show Ads Otherwise No

Replace Lily With Username

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Why not just use a spreadsheet to pull all the data?