I lost My keystore

Yeah but you won’t be able to update existing apps on any app store


meme of the week :laughing:

there are still some chances :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I know

Ok, then generate a new one

How to generate ??

If your app is already on the PlayStore:

If you want to update an app that is already published in the Play Store with your old (lost) keystore, then you must ask Google to assign a new keystore to be able to release your app in the Play Store:

This is only possible if the app is enrolled into Google Play App Signing program.

If I remember the keystore, you can give the same keystore by generating ??

If your app is published on :google_play: then you can see your keystore

If your app is on play store then you will get your keystore

Go to app signing option

Then download your keystore


I did not tried this trick but i think it will work

What is only possible?
(Does your message relate to my statement?)

… will work for what? To restore the keystore?
No, there is no way at all.

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I have one idea.
Make a new account on other app inventor platform like Thunkable, Appy Builder then export the keystore from there. After exporting it, import it to your existing Kodular account and you are done. :wink:

Hope it will help you.

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You can do same thing in Kodular also.No need to go anywhere.

Ya, but you have to log in and log out, so I advised to go to other platform. :sweat_smile:

No there is no need to log out and login.
Simply create a new project , get keystore and then delete the project.

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I did not know that. Thanks for informing.