I Nead Youtube Channel

I want a YouTube channel where i learn Makeroid apps making

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Why not search on Youtube?
Iam sure you will find many videos since we are not a no-name builder :slight_smile:

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if you want tutorail then check @walya_express Youtube Channel & If you want Free Uniqe And Professional AIA Then check my channel.

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:blush: I am always ready to help anyone sir @Mika


I have a channel called App Inventor Tutorials on YouTube and I make apps using App Inventor, but I will with Makeroid too, subscribe and you’ll see when I start.

I Already Subscribed Your channel.I Am Finding A regular Channel. But You Are Not reagular​:confounded::confounded:

What do you mean by regular?

Checkout My Channel Where you Can Get Videos Tutorial With Makeroid Only…


:point_down::point_down: Below Also you can click

I already subscribe you

Hello , You Also Check Out my YouTube channel. i started this channel 1 month ago and i try to make almost 2 videos in par day about app development.


Hello friend please also check my channel for Tutorials and aia and lots of tech things
link here YouTube