I need create a School APP

Hello to everyone. For my school homework, I have to make an apk application on behalf of the school.
There should be a channel for chat and also one more for announcements. I also put a button to take 2-3 pictures, but I could not succeed. I’m new here, can anyone help me? I Cant go out homescreen . ı need put image on ZOOM ids but ı cant .
edit :

I send you an aia file after some hours

Draw your app on a copy and send picture of your drawing

im waiting thanks

Send your school name and image

You can use placeholders for now! :wink:

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İnegol Fen Lisesi , İmage isnt matter . Can be everything

Sorry I create your app but it cannot run because of error you can download this and check.
Download app:-https://kodular.app/WGE-CPW