I Need Help For A Web Type Extension

Hello Developers,

I am Gaurav. I want to create an extension and want to run an URL using the extension.Can Anyone Help Me To Run A URL without any other component. With void function (Purple Block) and Event (yellow Block). I had tried it and also the extension worked and the URL made but the URL was not run. Please help me.:pray::pray::pray:

This Extension was made by me.Now, I want to improve.com.appybuilder.gauravbansal9968.IFTTT.aix (7.1 KB)

After completing this extension then I will trying to make a full Payment System Extension With The Help Of Paytm For Business.

Please Help Me In This IFTTT Extension.

Source Code Of This IFTTT Extension
IFTTT.java (2.4 KB)



API key?
Event name?

yes ifttt website needs a api key and event name for trigger

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I got it. .

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Please Help Me And Improve This Extension With void and events

Give Your Source Code In First Post.

IFTTT.java (2.4 KB)

you have to get the response of that url right?

yes and want to run the url which was made by usual inputs

Can you help me?