I need help in web post method for running api

can any one help me to code this in kodular

But it seems like you are here from 1 year as you joined in year 2019

I think this is ivr system which you have already created a discuss topic

Please don’t create duplicate topic !!

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Don’t use Caps lock while writing a post it looks like you are shouting !!

ok I will take after this

do you have any idea for web component post method

It is very simple to post this text from the web component


You have to set the URL first then post the text that you want to post

:slightly_smiling_face: this body will be this

{“apiKey”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, “clientId”: “xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx”, “callerId”: “2656708500”,“CallingAgentNumber”: “84xxxxxxxx”,“CalledPartyNumber”: “94xxxxxxxx”, “MohFile”: “”, callType:2}

In the Carli bracket

This is only the structure of body that you have to post. It will not be same as this. You need to insert the parameter in the body. Like inserting the API key at the place of xxxx.... and same for all parameters.
You can do this with join block and also you can use dictionary block for this in this way


I hope @vermajiappdeveloper , You understand now

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Thank you very much for support after testing will respond you back.

There are many similar examples here in the community.
Use post + join
join { apikey :
join textbox.text
join ,
join idclient:
join textbox2.text

Read it, calmly.

https://groups.google.com/d/msg/mitappinventortest/DvwZO3eDjHs/4m5fY9xhHd0J 18

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