I need help with the aia

Okay, so, I think that maybe I will need help with the aia file of my application, if someone can help me also only with tips …

I wanted to talk about a Translations application, in which the home screen would have a timeline of YouTube videos, and would also be linked to firebase, in which for each link posted on firebase a new video will appear on the home screen.

Obviously it would have something like, login, register, upload and delete links. need help with that.

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First try yourself… If you will stuck then I will help you @maxsu1212

I have a part ready, but I don’t know how to do it the way I described.

If you can pay… Any developer will help you with aia…

your question is very broad… you might want to elaborate and add a screenshot of your relevant blocks

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I will try to seek some help in my language, as I have no money to pay to check Aia. which by the way is completely illogical.


I think what is illogical is that you give us a few descriptions of what you want from an app and wait for someone to give you an aia file with everything done.
We all help each other here.
If you have a doubt or something doesn’t work out, you can ask to the community and someone will always help you.
But what you ask is not logical.
Show your blocks, whatever you have done. If you have a specific doubt, ask.

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you can ask here in your language, but




well, you did not ask anything… and your previous question is too broad…
how should anyone be able to help without good question?
try to follow this