I need refer help for my app

In my App i added a register info in starting and in this i also input a refer no and this all DATA WILL STORE IN FIREBASE .

but i just want to know when share button click so i also want to show a refer no in sharing .

plz help me in this and give me blocks nd trick

Welcome @priyankshah1106,

You should try again and explain what you want to do. And read this for posting any question on the forum.

i want to tell u that i created refer and share button so when i click on that button so i also want o share refer code and detail of my app from my firebase db.
i only want to share refer no from firebase db

Hi @priyankshah1106 if you want to share the number from firebase you have to get the value first then share along with the code or do whatever you like.

if you need more help, please elaborate the problem and include some screenshots of your blocks to help us understand.

i store the value in firebase i dont know how to get refer no when sharing button is click

See above question from @David

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I see you just joined the community. Are you a beginner using Kodular? Maybe this is above your knowledge level. Maybe start with the basics. Search the tutorials in the community to start learning Kodular.


Your best way to start,

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