I paid to remove commission ads. But Keeps showing comission!

I paid to remove commission ads from monetization. But my app still keeps showing commission ads from Unity ADS. What’s happening? I want my money back! I’m feeling Desperate :sob:
I want you to display only my Admob advertisements! Users are complaining about Unity Ads ads so I paid to remove and leave only Admob that are mine.

Can you send me the App ID?

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Hi @Conor
My app id is 6506000897015808 I canceled the subscription I would like my money back. I paid yesterday as you can see on the transaction receipt.
Invoice number 88174FC4-0001
Date of issue Nov 14, 2020
Date due Nov 14, 2020

Hi @cesaraugustoofc, sorry about the delay, the refund should’ve been processed now.


:heart: thanks for the support!


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