I think this blocks are not working

these blocks are not working ?
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when i open my app the button is blank no text and no image.

Note : i have already added call levels blocks in when screen intialize

What are these blocks supposed to do? What do you expect and what is the result if you use them now?

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i am trying to set the button text to 2
when the tinydb not equal to blank

If you want that the button doesn’t have any image, don’t put none. Put the textbook empty

but text is also not showing

Have you store an empty value to this tag before? Or not?
Send us the aia file for help you better :wink:

yes, i have set empty

It can be easier to help you :sweat_smile:

sorry, i can’t send you my aia file.
but i can send you a screenshot of my blocks

And can you dm it? Nobody will see it

no, sorry i don’t want to take any risk .
it’s my hard work
please help me

If you don’t send us any block we can’t help you :confused:

i can send you my blocks but not aia file

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which blocks do you want ?

Every blocks that are related with the problem
TinyDB, screen initialize, procedure call…

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When do you call the procedure levels?

when screen initialize

Show that blocks too…

Just use do it to debug your blocks , like this and see the result

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