I tried Starting Another App using Activity Starter but the App Open Within the App made By Kodular

@taifun, I have tested you extension and mood is open in external of your apps but with activity starter, the app called is open inside my app !
how can I do it ?
I test email and I have the same comportment…
my phone is samsung s20+, is it only on my phone ? a pameter ?
I think there are a param to pass to activity starter bu I do not see it… :frowning:
Any ideas ?
Perhaps evolve you extension Taifun in order todo somethings like that :

String defaultSmsPackage = Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= Build.VERSION_CODES.KITKAT
    ? Telephony.Sms.getDefaultSmsPackage(this)
    : Settings.Secure.getString(getContentResolver(), "sms_default_application");

Intent smsIntent = getPackageManager().getLaunchIntentForPackage(defaultSmsPackage);

if (smsIntent == null) {
    smsIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_MAIN);

try {
} catch (Exception e) {
    Log.w(TAG, "Could not open SMS app", e);

    // Inform user
        "Your SMS app could not be opened. Please open it manually.",

which extension are you talking about? any link?
I currently don’t see how your question fits into this thread? can you elaborate?


From my little experience after starting activity try using close application or close screen currently I can’t show blocks but I hope it works

I got the problem I will explain
The user open discord using his app now he press recent key the logo of his app he see ,but the screen is discord screen I mean the mobile looks like when he press recent he see his app logo(kodular),name with discord screen in recent view I hope the before post will wrk

blocks (53)
let me know the result

I just try but it is not working…
Same result. (I tried close application and close screen)
I have made a really simple project who reproduct the problem !
Perhaps it is only my phone type !

But with another application on the stro it works ! I do not understand…

And the comportment is what you said, when I display all application in pause, I can see the logo of kodular for my default sms application.

ActivityStarterSMS.aia (2.4 KB)

@Taifun , in fact it is not your extension, I make a mistake : App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps
You have made a post on it just (it is for this reason I make a confusion)

so, I have make a new test,
If I am on message application (for default SMS application), I continue to my logo with message application but the back button is working
If I am on Mood application (for default SMS application), I continue to see my logo but the back button close the mood application incorporated and impossible to go back on my own application. I have to close my own application.
I would like to really open an external application (SMS :slight_smile: ) in order to be not oblige to close my own applicaiton …
(I do not know if I am understanding… ah ah ah)

Is someone try my aia project ? If yes, do you have reproduce my problem ?
any idea to bypass this one ?
No one can help me ?

The issue here is that when you open a screen of any other app then that activity gets opened in your own app and since that is not your app’s activity so you don’t have any control over that.

everyone just use pkgutils extension simple


Hello !

I do not find anything on this subject and the user experience was really bad…
So, I have made an extension for that !
You can find it below :

Extension ActivityStarter for default SMS (android 4.4 min) (6.4 KB)

Yeahhh (It is my first extension :slight_smile: )

Enjoy !
Bye !