I unable to load admob reward video

I unable to load admob reward video ad in makeroid can you share a aia file in that reward video is working please

Show me your Block

Can you show the properties of your component, please?

Can you share your apk aia, please?

Coincay (20).apk (8.5 MB)

It working

This is test as written over there

Then there is something wrong with your ad unit id I think

Can you give me the aia file in that its working please

Also you should look into your screen switch system, because your app keeps sending crashes

Is it 48 hours after your Admob account is approved?

Yes and other ad id’s are working can you check my id … Edit: deleted your id. It is not wise to share it.


If you would use this block, then you would see that you get an error code.

3: Ad was not Filled
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And this error message means that current are no ads available to show.

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Ok i will try

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