I want a file picker that will pick any kind of file from the storage

Please help me i cannot figure it out.
How to implement file picker in the makerdroid

Maybe you can pick any file with the activity stattet component

No it not worked
Can makerdroid add it please
It would be great because you have already added image picker and audio picker.
Thanks for your time.

What means not worked?!
Have you tried anything?

Yes i meaned that its not what i want
i want to provide my users a nice UI with easy use
because peoples of my country are not that smart that they could figure it out
we have to explain everything in the app but i can skip some steps and want to simply add file picker than letting user get in to the directory and copy the location to the app and then upload the file
and i dont understand what you meant
sorry i don’t put full stops,etc,etc

How can we do it?

Use Deephost file picker extension. It is free

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