I want create an app

I want to be an app. Any perfect developer will do my work with Design

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I think so that there must be a place where you can request to hire developer…


Here we have developers. You need to give us details of what you want to do.

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How can Someone convert a Human to an App.
i accept Technology is advancing but not at this rate.

You can store all your documented memory somewhere.
And can make a Robot.

That sounds better.

Edit -
i wrote that so from the next time you remember to be more Clear with your Questions or Demand.

Sorry if you or anyone got Hurt.


Please elaborate more.Also change the category to #marketplace:request

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Don’t go #off-topic @ADDYLIN

I Want a be ?
I Want create ?
I have doubts.

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Contact details

Sorry I do not understand.

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Your Contact details

PM him instead

PM is the contact details for everyone here.


Actually he Never Accepted his Offer.
Currently we don’t even know his Demands.

What are your requirements?
Be more clear.


tell which type of app do you want create from us?

dm me with more details