I want designer tips, tips to make screens more “beautiful”

I accept any designer tip that makes the screens prettier, whether with a background image, background color, lettering or anything visual.
the work theme is smart home, it’s an app that controls the lights in a house.
These are some screens you have.

Get inspired by dribbble.com
Do not exaggerate in colors
Use a color palette template
Buttons can be curved by inserting them into a CardView
Look for more standard icons - Material Icon -Google
Fonts Google Fonts


Well, if you want design tips then you should study some designing theory.

You should:

  1. Do not use Button component and use more Card view component as button.
  2. Stop using ugly images and instead use icons from Material Design or Font Awesome.
  3. Choose your brand color and use it in design.
  4. Maybe you can change font which fits in your design.
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