I want to add an image on an image I have given the details below

Hi I just want to add a image on an image so can someone help me out.
I want to add this small google logo on the small google logo so that they can sign in with google it they click it.

Screenshot 2021-01-20 at 9.17.22 AM

Add Image component
Just add Google image as file of Image1 Set height and breadth as your wish
Then set it to clickable

Add Firebase auth component
Add Google-services.json into asset(To add Google-services.json Search Firebase Auth Kodular in googke you will get tutorials just see And extract)
Go to blocks
Add when image1 clicked
add block from firebase auth (Google signin)

It works

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Where is the image visible component??

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You can also use decoration component’s SetMargin and SetPadding method to overlap a component. Here :point_down: is an example showing its usage


is there a tutorial on YouTube?
if yes can you share me the link?

this is useful but I can’t find the image visible component…

When I add an image it appear below but I want it on the image…

This ext. Should help you get what you want, any further enquiries (if related to this extension) you can continue with linked thread else, here itself…

Image component not Visible Typo Mistake

i have success fully Overlaped the backgroung with google image

Aia: DemoHelp.aia (87.0 KB)

thanks…so I can add the google authentication to that image sprite right??

Yes I can do it also but give me the json file

ok give me a min

I can’t send the json file… it doesn’t allow me

you can make the whole thing and give me I will add the json file

Are you going to give me??

create separate topic for it i think u got solution for what u asked mark

as solution

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